Donate £36 and receive THREE ‘One Hull of a Forest’ Facemasks for you, and donate THREE to families in need


We love trees.

We love the fresh air that trees create.

And so we are delighted to launch our campaign to plant more trees in Yorkshire.

In return for a £36.00 donation you will receive THREE facemasks for you and your family/friends. An additional THREE facemasks will be donated in your name to a local food bank for families who cannot afford to buy facemasks.

We will also include a personal note from Andy our CEO thanking you for your gift.

These facemasks are manufactured to high standards, but are not suitable for use in medical settings.

Please note: We are a small charity and our team of volunteers will pack and dispatch your facemask as quickly as possible, but please allow up to a week or 10 days for your mask to arrive.


All of the trees that you help us to plant will of course do more than just removed carbon dioxide from the air; they will create amazing green spaces, they will help peoples mental health and wellbeing and they will create a habitat for our threatened wildlife.