Introducing the PATT Forest Academy

The PATT Foundation Forest Academy has been set up in response to the UK Governments commitment to establish 30 000 ha of new woodlands in the England by 2025.

Much of this tree planting work will be carried out by third sector organisations (like PATT) using teams of volunteers.

Volunteer planted woodlands can have hugely variable tree survival rates, PATT Forest Academy tutor Doug Stewart explains: “In my experience volunteer planted woodlands can have tree establishment rates as high as 95% or as low as 50% depending on the training and skill level of the volunteers. This course has been carefully designed to allow volunteer tree planters to gain essential skills and understanding to ensure high tree survival rates.”

The PATT Forest Academy offers training at three levels.

Level 1, Introduction to Tree Planting

Level 2, Master planter

Level 3, Managing Tree Planting

Click on any of the above courses to find out more about the PATT Forest Academy, or drop us a line, if you would like to know more.

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