How it all started…

A long time ago in a land far away, the 27th May 2006 in Thailand, a group of family and friends took a 7-hour minibus journey to Sangklaburi, in the Kanchanaburi province to carry out our first tree-planting project

We partnered with a local organisation, Baan Unrak School and Children’s Home. 

The ‘Baan Unrak Forest and Nursery Project’ was supporting tree planting in rural Thailand and with the support of XL Results Foundation Magazine, we supplied 500 fruit and teak trees to the orphanage. 

The long walk up the hill (my legs still remember it) was so worthwhile when we saw the smiles from children and local villagers who helped to plant the trees on that day. 

Seeing my own children planting with those at the orphanage had a profound effect on my own values, 

I could see that you didn’t need money to be happy. 

It was also endearing to see Lauryn (5) and Oliver (2) getting their hands dirty and planting trees that would provide food and a source of income to the orphanage in years to come.

The seed had been sown and the PATT Foundation was born. 

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