Our 2019 appeal

Dr Peter Lunn, one of the trustees of the friends of Kagando writes:


Dear Friend,

I am writing to you, to tell you about a cause that is very close to my heart.

For many years I have been a trustee of The Friends of Kagando, part of a small team whose lives have been touched by Kagando hospital, in rural Uganda.

The Trustees have, along with many faithful, regular supporters, given funds to enable the hospital to be able to offer low cost, quality healthcare to a poor rural population.

However we have a problem (and a solution).

The electricity supply at Kagando is, at best, intermittent. The finances of the hospital are precarious.

If the power fails during an operation then the patients life is at risk. If it fails on a ward then a patient on a ventilator, or a baby in an incubator’s life is put at risk.

This is why I am writing to you.

Until now the Friends, have, through sacrificial giving, secured the status of the hospital. Many of the Friends travel to the hospital, they share clinical excellence and best practice and put simply, the hospital staff have saved countless lives. We send funds each month to cover the salaries of over 20 nurses, and subsidise the healthcare costs to patients.

The great news is that we have identified a way to solve our electrical problems and to secure the future of the hospital — £1 million to fund the completion of this ambitious project..

We are building a hydro electric scheme, harnessing the power of a local river to provide both a reliable electrical power supply, but also, through the sale of surplus electricity into the grid, creating an income stream to help secure the financial future of the hospital.

For the first time ever I am writing a letter, asking you to support us as we seek to raise almost £1 million to fund this ambitious project.

If you can help us financially, we of course need your support desperately, every penny donated to this appeal will be used to fund the Kagando hydro electric scheme.

A gift of £500 would allow us to buy cement, and much needed building materials.

Support of £6000 would allow us to run 100m of underground pipe to carry the water to the turbine.

A gift of £40,000 will employ a Project Manager and Chief Engineer for one year.

We urgently need one generous donor to provide £75,000 to pay for the construction of the Powerhouse close to the hospital.

We need £950,000 to complete the build and commissioning of the hydro scheme. This will provide Kagando hospital with a reliable power source and generate funds to allow the hospital to continue transforming lives for years to come.

To help us in whichever way you can, please contact us, using the form in the back cover.

Dr Peter Lunn

Trustee of The Friends of Kagando

(Retired Orthopaedic Surgeon)

Want to know more?

We have put together this booklet, which is also also available in print form, to explain more about the appeal, and also to share some of the inspiring stories about the people whose lives have been touched as a result of Kagando Hospital.

Simply click on the booklet (above) to open it and read it

…in a nutshell


  1. The Friends of Kagando exist to serve and support Kagando Hospital in Uganda.
  2. Kagando Hospital is a a precarious financial position.
  3. The electrical supply is intermittent
  4. When a power outage occurs patients on ventilators, babies in incubators and potions in theatre are at significant risk
  5. The solution is to harness the power of a local river and generate clean. renewable, and reliable electricity, thus saving lives and improving the life chances of patients.
  6. The surplus electricity (and there will be a lot of it) is sold to the grid, bring a much needed income stream to help safeguard the future of Kagando Hospital

Will you stand with us to help secure the future of Kagando Hospital?

Please bring off the attached form and post it to us

(We are working on an online donation system which will launch in early 2019)