A hole in the ground!

From: £2.00 / month

A hole in the ground is one of our new entry level supporter products.

The trees we plant have all been grown by local UK nurseries, from seed collected in the area the trees will be grown, this is called provenance and is important from a biodiversity point of view.

We then secure land to plant on, go out in all aethers with our planting volunteers, plant the trees, stake them and protect them from rabbits and other animals that might otherwise eat young trees.

This whole process costs £10.00

We have broken this down into a number or more affordable parts, and so we would ask you to support our tree planting by donating £2.00 which will help us to dig a hole in the ground and plant the tree!




All of the trees that you help us to plant will of course do more than just removed carbon dioxide from the air; they will create amazing green spaces, they will help peoples mental health and wellbeing and they will create a habitat fro our threatened wildlife.

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