Carbon free living as a couple


We are committed to making carbon free living a reality, and so we have developed a very simple, yet scientific approach to carbon offsetting.

Despite the fact that we all live very different lives, we have used the UK government carbon footprint data to work out an average individual’s carbon footprint.

We have then looked at how many trees we need to plant to offset that that carbon footprint.

For two people, (excluding cars and holiday flights) It will take 34 trees their entire lifetimes of absorbing carbon dioxide, and converting it to oxygen, to remove all of the carbon dioxide produced in a year.

Will you help us to plant 34 trees in our Yorkshire based forests?


All of the trees that you help us to plant will of course do more than just removed carbon dioxide from the air; they will create amazing green spaces, they will help peoples mental health and wellbeing and they will create a habitat fro our threatened wildlife.