Carbon free motoring (in a smaller car)


We are committed to making carbon free living a reality, and so we have developed a very simple, yet scientific approach to carbon offsetting.

Despite the fact that there are hundreds of types of car, and that everyone drives differently, we have been able to work out an average figure.

Our assumptions

We are assuming that most people, on average, will drive 12,000 Km per year (that is 7456 miles)

(If you do 24 000 Km, then simply select two of these packages.)

We have assumed a small car is any car, petrol or diesel that has an engine smaller than 2 litres.

Our calculations

It will take 6 trees their entire lifetimes of absorbing carbon dioxide, and converting it to oxygen to remove all of the carbon dioxide produced by driving 12 000 Km.

And so this carbon free living product is based on our cost of planting and caring for 6 trees.


All of the trees that you help us to plant will of course do more than just removed carbon dioxide from the air; they will create amazing green spaces, they will help peoples mental health and wellbeing and they will create a habitat fro our threatened wildlife.