Valentines Day Card


Do you love anyone enough…?

…to save a whole planet for them?

…to send them a PATT Valentines Day Card?


We are committed to making carbon free living a reality and so we have created the ultimate Valentines Day Gift Package.

With this package we will plant a tree in one of our Yorkshire forests.

We will also email you an e-card (we didn’t want to harm any trees by printing it on paper!)

You can then post this card to ta special someones social media profile, or email it to them as you wish.

However you choose to send your e-card, you are giving an incredibly thoughtful present, whilst also helping us plant one more tree; which in turn will create a home for wildlife, and fight climate change.

We hope you like this idea as much as we do, and that you love the e-card which we had designed just for us…


The card reads:

I Pine For You
A tree has been planted for you in one of our Yorkshire forests.
For the next 100 years this tree will fight climate change and produce clean oxygen for the planet.
To learn more about Plant a Tree Today visit


All of the trees that you help us to plant, will of course do more than just remove carbon dioxide from the air; they will create amazing green spaces, they will help people’s mental health & wellbeing and they will create a habitat for our threatened wildlife.