Tree Planting

Planting trees, growing communities and creating opportunities for veterans to access nature and train in the foresty and land-based sector.

Planting trees is one of the best things we can do to protect our planet and combat climate change. Not only that, but trees support our health and wellbeing!

We’re not alone in our campaign to plant more trees: we work with community forests and local authorities across the UK, as well as landowners and rely on donations and support from thousands of people who share our love for nature.

Why Do We Plant Trees?

  • to combat climate change

  • to create more green spaces and woodlands

  • to increase biodiversity and support our native wildlife

  • to support the wellbeing of veterans and service leavers through nature and nature-based skill building

Creating Woodlands and Greener Spaces

At PATT Foundation we support woodland creation schemes of all sizes including woodland pastures, copses, hedgerows, connective planting and riparian strips.

Want to know more about planting a new woodland or hedgerow boundary?

We can offer advice and support to help you create new native woodlands and access funding.

Our Work

Find out more about some of our tree planting work with community forests in the UK and habitat building around the world

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