Corporate Volunteering

Corporate volunteering days give your employees the chance
to do something different to support local communities and
help tackle climate change.

“I enjoyed helping out with things I usually wouldn’t have the chance to like planting trees and growing, and giving back to the community. It’s given me a sense of joy and pride knowing how we’ve been able to benefit local people and I’d love to do more!”



Get Involved with PATT Foundation

Since 2005, organisations and employees have been working with PATT Foundation to plant 3 million trees around the world, supported over 70 projects and helped communities grow.

We have facilitated coporate volunteering days for hundreds of employees in the UK with nature-based and outdoor activities including tree planting and growing.

Employee Volunteering 

Employer Supported Volunteering opportunities at PATT Foundation can range from tree planting, meadow creation and/or growing in our greenhouses in Preston, East Yorkshire. For more details about arranging a volunteer day with your employees get in touch.

Team Building Workshops

Want to make a meeting into a volunteering and team building day?

PATT Foundation can offer a bespoke day involving team building in our greenhouses planting hangbaskets for the office or outdoor wilderness wellbeing classes. Prices vary.


We have worked with a range of different partners to help them offset their carbon emissions through tree planting projects and environmental work. PATT Foundation and Green Task Force have worked with companies like Octopus Energy and Carma to build the UK’s canopy and increase biodiversity by growing and planting British native trees. 

“Twelve Octopus employees came to muck in over the course of the project – all welcomed with open arms before being shown the ropes. With this kind of warmth presented so readily, it’s easy to see how valuable such a supportive community is.”


Octopus Energy

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If you would like to organise a corporate volunteering day at PATT Foundation get in touch with the team

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