Planting Workshops

We can deliver a range of horticultural workshops for local community groups at our greenhouses in Preston, East Yorks whether you would like to learn how to plant hanging baskets or grow vegetables. Prices start at £20 per head.

Project Artemis RM

Project Artemis RM is a rural initiative that supports Royal Marines and Tri Service personnel (Serving and Veteran) by coordinating formal training and continuous professional development within the Land & Wildlife Sector.

One ‘Hull’ of a Forest

Did you know Hull is the least forested city in the UK? One ‘Hull’ of a Forest plans to change this by increasing canopy cover in Hull City by working with the community to plant more trees. Since 2020, One ‘Hull’ of a Forest have planted over 97,000 trees.

Green Task Force

The Green Task Force is a subsidiary of the UK Charity the PATT Foundation (Registered Charity Commission no.1117158) and was established to solve a number of prominent issues surrounding both the environment and our veterans.

A staggering 6% of serving & former serving personal & 17% of those that have been in a combat situation are suffering from some form of PTSD. Service leavers also suffer a lot of stress & anxiety when transitioning from the service. Through experience and training in the forestry and landscaping sector, Green Task Force is able to provide more employment opportunities alongside nature-based therapy to many veterans and Blue Light service leavers. The Green Task Force is a proud supporter of the Armed Forces Covenant and has received the gold award from the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS). 

Butterfly City

One third of all insect species globally are now endangered (RHS 2019) a statistic that has challenged environmentalists around the globe to take local action to create habitats and food sources to reverse this decline.

Humber Releaf Project

The Humber Releaf project is a project that is being set up by the PATT Foundation that aims to create a revolving fund to support ongoing reforestation in the Humber region and create employment for veterans under the Green Task Force. 

Dare to Bee

Trees help us breathe and Bees help us eat.  Bees and trees are both essential to human survival.  It all goes hand in hand. Our passion at Dare to Bee is to help maintain the bee population around the world, whilst also helping disadvantaged people have a fresh start.

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