The Plant A Tree Today (PATT) Foundation is a UK Registered Charity and Thai Foundation established in 2005.

We are a passionate and dedicated organisation and with your support we take action against climate change by planting native trees, reforesting areas which have been destroyed through illegal logging, development and agriculture. Our projects are developed so that planting trees also has the maximum benefits for the local communities and wildlife that live in or around the forest.

What do we do:

For the World

By planting more trees PATT aims to act as a global carbon store helping to avoid the devastating effects of climate change.

For the Wildlife

By planting native trees and managing the forest we can provide an attractive environment for insects, birds and mammals offering them a long term future in a protected home. We also want to build a wildlife centre that will provide shelter for rescued animals that have been neglected, maltreated or found injured, giving them the best possible care and time to recoup before, if possible, preparing them to be released back into suitable habitats.

For people

Working with local forest communities means we can provide a better future for people by creating sustainable employment and funding opportunities we can work towards reducing poverty and improving the quality of people’s lives. For example in exchange for planting and protecting trees, capital is donated to villagers to establish a micro-credit cooperative bank – which is good for the people and good for the forest. PATT also runs environmental education programmes and school planting days encouraging the environmental stewards of the future.

Who do we work with