Take Action

There are many ways for you to get involved with PATT Foundation. 

Meet new people, gain new skills, support local communities and help combat climate change!


Whether you are an individual, in a group or looking for volunteering opportunities for your team at work, there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer with PATT Foundation.

Corporate and Wilderness Packages

PATT Foundation offers a range of bespoke team building activities that incorporate nature and mental wellbeing, designed with fun, adventure and team-building at the heart. With our team of specialist survival experts, therapists and conservationists, we can combine environmentalism with health and wellbeing for an action-packed activity-filled package.


You can still help combat climate change and support veterans if you can’t get out to one of our volunteer opportunities. You can donate to our JustGiving page or speak to the team about setting up an ongoing monthly donation. 

You can also raise money for PATT Foundation at school or in the office with fun actitivies like bake sales, identify the tree or even a plant swap.


Your donation can help PATT Foundation tackle climate change and support local communities through tree planting and environmental projects. 


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