Green Task Force

Providing a pathway to employment for veterans and service leavers

The Green Task Force is a subsidiary of the UK Charity the PATT Foundation (Registered Charity Commission no.1117158) and was established to solve a number of prominent issues surrounding both the environment and our veterans.

A staggering 6% of serving & former serving personal & 17% of those that have been in a combat situation are suffering from some form of PTSD. Service leavers also suffer a lot of stress & anxiety when transitioning from the service 

It has been proven that getting veterans involved in Nature Based Therapy (NBT) has a positive effect on their mental health


Through the support of PATT Foundation and Green Task Force, we are able to create positive pathways to employment for veterans and service leaders. We are able to provide training opportunities and experience in forestry, allowing veterans to learn skills to thrive in the land and forestry sector including becoming fully qualified tree surgeons or arborists.


Supporting veterans and those in the Armed Forces community is incredibly important to the PATT Foundation and Green Task Force, and is at the core of our work. In 2022/2023, 1 in 8 UK Armed Forces personnel were seen in military healthcare for mental health-related reasons showing the important of supporting our Armed Forces personnel and veterans. We are able to offer nature-based and wilderness based threapy to our teams to help support them through nature-based tasks and wilderness therapy that compliments what they are training in, with the added benefit of being outdoors. 

“For the first time in a very long time, probably since I left the army, I’ve been able to get up in the morning and look in the mirror and say you are a female arborist, and have some pride in what I’m doing. What we’re doing here for veterans is really important. From my own experience it has been life changing. It’s not just changed my life, it’s probably saved my life as well.”

Operations Manager, Green Task Force

What We Can Do

Arborial Work, Tree Care and Tree Surgery
Invasive Species Control and Land Management
Forestry Work and Land Maintenance

 “I can see a future scenario whereby veterans are fully employed in the outdoor or land sectors and enjoying the many benefits of nature-based therapy whilst at work.  As many local authorities and companies have signed the Armed Forces Covenant the concept of the Green Task Force has started to gain traction.  Hull City Council has written its own Armed Forces and Veterans Charter and our Green Task Force concept covers two of the main pathways surrounding mental health, training and employment.”

Dr Andrew Steel

Navy Veteran, Green Task Force

Who do we work with

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