Hull Community Diggers

We are delighted to welcome Hull Community Diggers (HCD) to the PATT Foundation.

Hull Community Diggers are a small community group of gardeners, allotmenteers, and ex-service personnel who have, over the past 3 years, regenerated the urban green space within the local community off Beverley Road. This one acre site is situated immediately behind the Kingston Youth Centre.

The site has a long history and was previously a council backed City Farm project in 2015. When the lease to run the farm expired, HCD stepped in to take over the management of the site. We have been looking after the site for approximately 3 years.

Hull Community Diggers is volunteer-led, supervised by a Project Manager, and currently has over 20 members/associates & a core group of 4 founding members. We are steadily growing.

Hull Community Diggers promotes personal, social and community development and support for mental wellbeing. We use gardening for headspace and exercise, social inclusion and to allow local residents to give back to their community.

We grow several varieties of vegetables and fruit which promote health living. Our surplus crops are sold and donated to the local community.

Beverley Road, where we are situated, is one of the most socially deprived areas within the city of Hull.

Most of our members are people who without Hull Community Diggers would be socially isolated or withdrawn from the community.  

We provide a regular activity we add purpose, and we create a very important space for the local people as well. In fact we have turned some of our land into a social garden for local people, who may not have access to green space to visit.

We invite local community groups, such as veterans groups, mental health groups, and others including RENEW, STEPPINGSTONES, ARK, LIGHTHOUSE, who may also benefit from using the space to enjoy the gardens and utilise the spaces and the raised beds, to learn about planting and the gardening calendar.

We have together created a place of peace and tranquillity which enables people and groups to learn whatever they wish in our “pocket park”  

We are told we have created a most wonderful space.

We are an extremely resourceful group of people and are rightly proud of that fact.

We are also aware that we lack some skills within the group and therefore are always seeking more volunteers who can assist us moving forward.

So please, pop in for a cuppa and a chat, and feel free to stay and enjoy working with out team weeding, painting, digging, seeding, working on woodwork projects, to learn new skills, of just to sit quietly in the sun.

If you would like to support this project, then click here to visit our just giving page.