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Team building days with a difference. Wilderness retreats with veterans

Here at PATT Foundation we are offering a range of bespoke team building activities designed with fun, adventure and team building at the heart. The range of options vary from high octane adventure to a more relaxed wilderness immersion with meditation, yoga and energy healing techniques.

These outdoor activities are designed to inspire creativity in your team, build resilience and offer transformational experiences to refresh and uplift your employees. These activities can be tailored towards your particular group and providing lasting wellbeing results.

PATT Foundation has a team of specialist survival experts from the Royal Marines, Army and Navy. We include professional forest rangers, therapists, counsellors and conservationists. We can create bespoke packages to suit.

Make new experiences. Learn new skills

PATT Foundation’s wilderness experiences led by veterans offer opportunities in team building, problem-solving and decision making, improved communication, and above all are designed to support mental wellbeing.


Conservation Day

Guided by a team of veteran Forest Rangers, each team will immerse themselves in the great outdoors to help conserve the wildlife, the trees and identify rare species for the benefit of conservation. This work can be carried out in small teams or as individuals and a package to suit your group can be arranged.

Activities can include identifying flora and fauna, coppicing, tree planting and identification, bio-blitz (surveying insects, native flowers, and wildlife), placing bird boxes, litter picking and much, much more.

Shelter Building and Survival

Come and learn how to build a fire using natural methods (flints, bows) and prepare your own hot food. Then eat inside a shelter built under expert guidance with our team of survival experts, including Royal Marino Commando’s. Using the natural materials of the forest to build a shelter that can withstand the elements and sleeping under the stars whilst toasting marshmallows under the stars.

Forest Experience and Wellness

Immerse yourself in the heart of nature and connect deeply to the natural environment and to yourself. Giving yourself that much needed time to reflect. A space to be with your own wisdom and listen to your intuition. 

Under the expert guidance of our professional therapists, energy healers, yoga and meditation teachers you will have chance to relax, strengthen to your body and your relationship to your soul whilst connecting to the earth energy.

Wilderness Therapeutic Intervention Programme

These activities are centred around fun survival tasks such as shelter building, bushcraft, woodcraft and fire creation using natural methods. So, if you would like to immerse yourself into the wilderness (not too far from civilisation), get away from it all and have a team of banter driven ex-military to move you on from where you are today (emotionally and psychologically) this is the event for you. This package is designed for those with or without basic survival skills as it is designed with all ex-service personnel in mind.

Hen and Stag Weekends

Does your group want to do something different? Perhaps you want an action packed adventure weekend in the wilderness? Or perhaps you prefer something more relaxing in the heart of nature? Whatever your requirements, we can design a bespoke package for you.

Activities can include; 

  • bushcraft
  • wilderness survival skills
  • forest bathing
  • yoga
  • meditation
  • crystal healing, energy healing and more. 
Bespoke Team Building Days

Led by our Veteran Rangers and our Wilderness Therapist, we can create a bespoke package specially designed to support your team or group. For more information and to design your wilderness experience with the PATT team, get in touch.

Bespoke packages can include a range of activities to suit your group:

  • outdoor cooking
  • woodcraft
  • survival skills workshops
  • forest bathing and mindfulness
  • conservation activities and more.

“Twelve Octopus employees came to muck in over the course of the project – all welcomed with open arms before being shown the ropes. With this kind of warmth presented so readily, it’s easy to see how valuable such a supportive community is.”


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Wilderness and Survival Days with PATT Foundation

If you would like to organise a workshop or wilderness package at PATT Foundation get in touch with the team

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