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Green TV: Supported with the aid of a grant from the Armed Forces Communities Trust (AFCT)

With the aid of a grant from the Armed Forces Communities Trust (AFCT) PATT has been able to create a dedicated TV channel initially offering 20 bite-sized live stream events (which are available for viewing offline via our YouTube channel) to engage, educate, train, inspire and encourage, bringing the great outdoors, and stories of natural healing into people’s homes aimed at the veterans community.

The project has been a resounding success with the numbers estimated to be affected both directly and indirectly being significantly higher than anticipated. 

Veterans have been able to identify with others who have struggled and talk to them directly or reach out after the show for some one to one support and have guidance of comfort knowing that they have not been alone. The project has allowed others to connect with each other in an online forum and also chat with other veterans. 

Cat Zero has engaged a number of the veterans (4) from our show onto their program, which is demonstrating the two-way viability of connecting the veterans’ community. 

Hull Community Diggers run by an ex Royal Navy veterans (Kevin Walsh) now has additional volunteers attending his site to help out as he was struggling with manpower, that has also extended to us now running a 10 week pilot Nature Based Therapy Course that we have been able to invite the veterans community onto. There is currently a cohort of 10 individuals attending that have now understood and realised the benefits of horticulture and land based tasks.  The team is attending the Great Yorkshire show with Faith who built the award winning Help 4 heroes garden at the Chelsea garden show with the aspirations of this team to build a garden at next years show!

The Green Task Force has now engaged 3 people who had come via the Cat Zero Show with Pete Tighe and the individuals have been a real success with a number being employed in the land-based sector. One of them was formerly homeless and a recovering from drug/alcohol abuse and is now undertaking arboricultural training and looking at coming off the DWP scheme.

Green TV on Youtube

A full list of shows delivered on Green TV are available on our dedicated Youtube channel and still delivers an ongoing benefit to the wider members of society. We are also able to frequently repost the links on social media channels, into veteran foroms and we also signpost to former service personnel.

Shows included talks with veterans and people working within the sector, as well as updates on the projects linked with Green Task Force and PATT Foundation. Some of the topics discussed included talks about resettlement after leaving the service, forest bathing with veterans, and lockdown fun including quizzes and cooking shows hosted by veterans.


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