Some of our very first planting projects were in Thailand and focused on land restoration as well as social impact. 

Our projects across Thailand aimed to restore forests by growing and planting native trees, as well as create healthy livelihoods through conservation and agroforestry for farmers, families and communities while supporting the iconic biodiversity of Thailand’s natural landscape.

Our Aim

Our projects in Thailand focus on a number of different goals to benefit the environment, combat climate change and support the local communities we work with. Overall goals include:

  • Regeneration of a natural forest through native tree planting suitable to the local area
  • Restoration of biodiversity by providing a habitat for native animals and insects
  • Nourish and secure the top soil
  • Educate in conservation
  • Create jobs and employment prospects within forestry and land management to support the local community and provide opportunities that don’t involve deforestation


PATT Foundation, with the help and support of corporate sponships, created tree nurseries across Thailand including in the Khao Yai National Forest which created employment and education opportunities for conservation rather than deforestation. We planted over 100,000 trees and grew more from seeds with local families to plant and manage for future generations.

Case Studies

Doi Suthep
Khao Yai

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