1700 Trees planted to tackle the climate emergency

Not all heroes wear capes, some wear tree-planting gloves!

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Our trees started their lives on a Yorkshire tree nursery, before being lifted in the autumn ready for planting. Our team then plants them, first opening up the soil, then popping the tree in, firming the soil around the roots. The final stage is adding a cane and a protector from rabbits and the grazing animals.

The trees root away over the winter months, and before long are doing their job, removing carbon dioxide from the air, and providing a home to wildlife.

We work in partnership with local people, at Tunstall this has included the whole community.

Young people, the police, local and regional businesses and local residents came together and 1700 trees were planted.

Part of our model is to work with local communities and help everyone to engage in the planting of ‘their’ trees

We would like to say a huge thank you to all of our supporters, we have been overwhelmed by your words of support, your generosity in both time and in visiting our online shop and making donations which have allowed our tree planting work to happen.

Without your time, your support and your donations we would simply not be able to carry out our work, so, on behalf of our trees…

Thank you.


Thank you to The Woodland Trust, and to The Oak Trust for their support in this tree planting scheme

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