The PATT Foundation nursery team has been hard at work over the last few months. Lettuce, bok choi, swiss chard and more have been grown under the glass at the Preston site so far with more planned as we progress through the season, all of which will be donated to foodbanks and community groups across Hull and the East Riding.

With so many people affected by the cost of living crisis, food banks locally and nationally have seen an increase in demand. Food banks across Hull and East Riding help hundreds of people every week and are dependant on donations and help from their volunteers. Expanding from the pilot project last year, PATT Foundation has begun to harvest the first crops of the year to provide food banks with fresh and healthy options to offer to their users.

Anita, who volunteers for the Hedon Community Food Bank had collected the first boxes of this year’s fresh produce packed full of spring greens grown with the help of volunteers and staff at PATT Foundation. Hedon Community Food Bank said: “This has made a massive difference to us and the clients. Not only has it enabled us to give out extra nutritious produce but people are learning to use things they may not have had the option to try before.”

With more planting and growing planned throughout the year, people local to the Preston nursery site are being invited to volunteer to help grow more fresh fruit and vegetable for those in need. For more information or to sign up as a volunteer, you can find more details on the volunteer platform here.

PATT Foundation is looking to work with more food banks and community kitchens in the area to provide fresh produce they want for their clients. If you are a food bank or community kitchen based in Hull or the East Riding get in touch with the PATT team by emailing