PATT Foundation are working with Community Forests across the country to plant trees to help combat climate change. But we need your help!

Whether you are a landowner, farmer or want to volunteer on one of our projects, you can help increase the tree canopy in the UK creating more homes for wildlife and supporting the environment with vital trees and hedging. Planting trees has a number of benefits for people and the environment, not only do they improve the look of our area, they can sequester carbon, improve soil quality and increase biodiversity, create shade and cool rising temperatures.

If you own land or know of an area that could benefit from tree planting get in touch with the team at PATT Foundation. We can support you by working with your local Community Forest, support finding funding and arranging planting and volunteers, ensuring the right tree is planted in the right place for a lasting legacy that supports the environment. Our dedicated and experienced team is available to help, give advice and guidance and support the project from the initial stages to planting and more, including annual maintenance.

For more information email