From humble beginnings….

PATT Foundation is celebrating it’s 15th birthday, and all we want are trees.

The seed was sown in Thailand when we first supplied 500 fruit and teak trees to an orphanage, and since then, we haven’t stopped. Take a look back through the archives at our first ever tree-planting day in Sanklaburi, Kanchanaburi , Thailand where a small group of family and friends took a 7-hour bus journey to carry out the first ever tree-planting project. PATT Foundation was born. more than 3 million trees

When we took that bus journey, back in 2006 we could never have believed we could ever write these words, “we have planted over 3 million trees.” That is 3 million trees combating climate change and improving the lives of so many people.

We’ve come a long way since our initial work in Thailand, there’s been a few changes – both in how we operate and where we operate from, but critically, our mission remains the same: we are committed to planting more trees than ever before, the encouragement and promotion of a carbon neutral or carbon free lifestyle and collaborating with organisations, both corporate and community, to help the UK government meet its target of becoming a carbon neutral nation.

Will you help us make it 4 million?

This year, as part of our 15th birthday celebrations, we’re asking you to celebrate with us by committing with us to the future and purchasing a birthday tree.

For just £10 you can buy a tree, a planting kit and plant that tree. Hit the button below and wish us a happy birthday!