On 24 October, PATT CEO, Andrew Steel will be joining the “big hearted business community” who are pledging their support to CEO Sleepout, Hull.

CEO Sleepout is a charity set up to fight homelessness and poverty in communities across the UK with CEOs, directors and community leaders joining forces to pledge to sleep outdoors for one night to raise awareness and sponsorship from their business contacts, friends and the wider community. That money is put back into the host cities to tackle the issue of homelessness.

Andrew will be joining more than 30 other representatives with a sleeping bag on a cold night in October at the home of the Hull and Kingston Rovers, Craven Park.

Asked why he wanted to take part, and what the link with PATT’s work and mission was, he says:

“I will be joining Hull’s most compassionate leaders in the fight against homelessness and poverty to raise money for a great cause. It’s heart-breaking to know that 10% of the UK homeless population are armed forces veterans. I’m ex-forces myself, so have often spent nights under the trees as part of my work – I took part in the sleepout in Hull last year and hope to continue to support this great cause. Trees have a positive effect on an individual’s state of mind and whilst they don’t directly impact on homelessness, exposure to trees and green spaces is proven to have a positive effect on a person’s mental health.”

So far more than 2000 executives have raised a staggering £2,200,000 to fight poverty and homelessness in the UK by taking part in CEO Sleepout. The money raised is split between ten UK homeless and homeless prevention charities including Depaul UK and Changing Lives meaning that money raised is put into fighting homelessness and poverty right here in Hull.

If you can help Andrew reach his fundraising target of just £800, please donate below.