With the aid of a grant from the Armed Forces Communities Trust, PATT has been able to create a dedicated TV channel.

This channel (Green TV) offering 20 bite-sized live stream events to engage, to educate, to train, to inspire and to encourage, to bring the great outdoors, and stories of natural healing into the homes of our veterans during a time of social isolation and lockdown.

Through this project veterans have been able to identify with others who have struggled and talk to them directly or reach out after the show for some one to one support , knowing that they are not alone.

The positive outcomes from Green TV range from veterans joining coaching sessions, building forest bathing show gardens, engaging in community horticulture projects, and even attending ‘challenge the wild’ adventures int he Lake District.

The project set out with the ambitious target of engaging 100 people directly, with a hope to reach a wider community of up to 3700 veterans.

But targets, as we all know are best when they are broken, and so we are delighted to announce that we not only achieved the target we achieved it three times over!

15,000 people watched Green TV.

Through this project PATT is actively involved in changing lives, and planting trees.

One of the 15,000 people the project engaged has become the IT manager at PATT.

Having previously being discharged from military service, our new IT manager had been suffering from mental health issues and depression.

The project has given him a new lease of life, giving him the confidence to take the concept to the next level and he is now engaged in the delivery of a forest academy for the PATT Foundation.

The forest academy is delivering tree planting training on a national level, working with various trusts and strategic partners to train and engage volunteers.

The project has the ability over the year to potentially train 12,000 volunteers in tree planting.

The project has ben a huge success and testimony to that has been the number of ‘veterans’

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