PATT Foundation has developed a new project with the Hull and East Riding Probation Service to deliver Community Payback opportunities based around horticulture and environmental conservation.

As part of the projects, PATT Foundation has created chances for the Community Payback teams to be involved in activities that can benefit communities across the region as well as their own mental health and wellbeing through nature-based tasks and educational opportunities. 

People on probation have been able to join the PATT and Green Task Force teams for tree planting events across the region, allowing them to be involved in environmental projects that can benefit the community as well as their own wellbeing. Since joining the project in February, those involved in the project from the Probation Service have planted around 8,500 native trees across Hull and East Yorkshire.

Steve Haigh, Chief Executive of the PATT Foundation, said: “Having the team from Community Payback has been incredibly beneficial to our community projects here at PATT Foundation. In the time they have been working with us, those on Community Payback have helped PATT Foundation plant over 8,500 trees and hedgerow plants for the community forests projects in the area. People involved in these events have helped add to the biodiversity and carbon sequestration of the local area, and their efforts have also helped improve green spaces that then benefits the physical and mental health of our communities.”