And we are furious.

The arctic has just recorded its highest temperature in 1200 years!

Climate activist Greta Thunberg describes the current environmental crisis as being, ‘as if our house was on fire’ implying at the very least that this scenario would lead to action, rather than strategy consultations and fine words.

So how is our government reacting to this crisis?

They have just announced billions of funds to go to building roads, which can be likened to adding kindling to the fire.

At PATT Foundation we are furious.

If COVID-19 has taught us anything it should be a greater respect for our planet.

Surely now is the time to wake up to a new reality, where home working and online meetings have replaced the old ways of planet-destroying travel?

There is another way – a better way.

Ed Green CEO of Warwickshire Wildlife Trust is our new hero. He explains “serious investment in nature could provide a green recovery which addresses the twin crises of our age, climate change and loss of the natural world. – while simultaneously providing many more jobs.”.

At PATT we are on nature’s side.

We want to put out the fire.

We know natural landscapes can store carbon and could absorb a third of UK emissions if there was funding to restore them. If the government re-committed to it’s manifesto promises.

We want to put out the fire.

We want to see a huge tree-planting programme, but the progress to date has been pathetic!

At the election the government pledged to plant 30 million trees by 2025. The Daily Mail reported in March this year that the government is woefully behind on tree planting, with £9.24 being spent per person in Scotland and 37p in England.

We are mad.

We are not going to let this go.

So today we are asking a simple question

Are you for roads and throwing kindling on the fire?

Are you for trees, nature and green jobs to put out the fire?

Plant trees, not tarmac – please sign the petition.