People across the country are leaving their grass to grow this spring to help native wildlife and pollinating insects.

In what is being called No Mow May, people are being asked to let their lawns grow and avoid cutting their grass throughout May or even longer. We say welcome the weeds! Wildflowers like dandelions, hawksbeard and Colt’s Foot often find a home in your lawn but are incredibly beneficial to pollinating insects as they are some of the earliest flowers to bloom after winter, providing a vital food source for our bees.

Allowing nature to take back your lawn, even for a month, helps provide creatures like bees, moths, birds, butterflies and other pollinating insects vital sustenance that has been previously stripped back in the past. Pollinating insects are vital to our trees and crops, and so it is incredibly important we make their lives easier so they can thrive and survive.

PATT Foundation is incredibly passionate about pollinators. Afterall, where would our trees be without the bees! We have a number of projects dedicated to helping our pollinators and native wildlife by increasing biodiversity in urban areas and creating wildlife corridors in our countryside. Our project Dare to Bee helps boost education about bees, especially honeybees, and how they work in our ecosystem.

For more information about, visit Projects on our website. You can also donate to PATT Foundation to help expand our hives as our busy bees grow!