Job Title: Nursery Supervisor

Location: PATT Foundation nursery, Preston, Hull

Hours: Full-time

To apply or for more information about the job role please email

Job Description

We are seeking a nursery supervisor to help with the day to day running of our tree production nursery business. In this role, you will be responsible for overseeing some managerial functions including hiring and training staff, managing stock, including products grown on our sites, purchasing from suppliers, maintaining stock control, and ensuring sufficient stock for planting projects. Responding to customer queries, including community forest projects and liaising with our woodland creation officer on species mix for allocation to projects. You will also be required to grow and maintain, trees, shrubs, and flowers, ensuring targets and deadlines are delivered.

To ensure success as a nursery manager, you should have knowledge of agriculture and/or horticulture, excellent managerial skills, and a passion for customer service. Ultimately, a top-class Nursery Manager should be able to maintain a healthy nursery ecosystem and ensure the success of the business.

Nursery Supervisor Responsibilities:

  • Overseeing and improving the daily functions of the nursery.
  • Opening the nursery in the morning and closing at the end of the business day.
  • Hiring and training nursery staff.
  • Creating staff work rosters and delegating duties.
  • Ordering nursery stock including compost, soil, fertilizers, shrubs, plants, and trees, along with tree stakes and protection.
  • Liaising with our subsidiary company on dates for tree and shrub planting to ensure sufficient stock is available.
  • Ensuring compliance with bio-security, plant healthy and plant passport measures.
  • Growing plants, trees, and shrubs to use as stock.
  • Monitoring watering times, soil conditions, and plant positions.
  • Monitoring weather conditions and paying special attention to hot or cold temperatures.
  • Creating attractive garden and plant displays.
  • Responding to customer requests and assisting the nursery staff.

Nursery Supervisor Requirements:

  • Qualification in agricultural studies, horticulture, or a similar field, or willing to work towards.
  • 2+ Years’ experience working in a supervisory or managerial position.
  • Excellent communication and managerial skills.
  • Professional and friendly demeanour.
  • Detailed knowledge of plant production, soil, fertilizers, and growing techniques, including bio-security measures, plant passport and plant healthy systems.
  • IT Qualification or literate.
  • Familiar with Microsoft Office.
  • Experience with hiring and training staff.
  • Ability to create work rosters and delegate duties.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and a passion for customer service.
  • Responsible and punctual.
  • Familiarity with stock management software systems.