In May 2018, the government’s official advisory body, the Committee on Climate Change (CCC), recommended that the UK set a legally binding target to cut greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050. The CCC’s report acknowledged that reducing emissions to zero would be challenging and spell the end to petrol and diesel cars, as well as gas boilers. To achieve this target, families will have to fly less, waste less and eat less meat. Among the myriad challenges facing climate policy and how we go about achieving zero emissions is the question of low-carbon heating. An extra 120 GW, or the equivalent to 15 million UK households turning their heating from zero to max, occurred over a three-hour period during the ‘Beast from the East’ weather turmoil in 2018, highlighting not only our dependence on natural gas but the challenge of heating UK homes.

While better and more energy efficient building regulations and low-carbon heat sourcing becomes key, here at PATT we have introduced unique ways that you and your family can positively effect and contribute to decarbonisation – by going back to the heart of our mission: trees.

We are committed to living a carbon neutral lifestyle and our Carbon Free Living options make this lifestyle possible. We have calculated (and then added a margin of error to be sure) the amount of carbon dioxide that is emitted while driving, watching TV with the central heating on and while flying on holiday. We have calculated the amount of carbon dioxide a tree absorbs and so have calculated how many trees we need to plant so that a household of four is off-setted.

Choose this package today and we will use the funds you give us to plant trees.